6 Free Travel Apps We Can't Live Without

by Nicole Farrell

Let's face it, our mobile phones have become almost as important as our passports when we travel. We use them to take photos, get directions, find the best place to eat, shop and even where the closest toilet is.

Here are my top 6 free travel apps.

1. Currency Convertor


This app is my all time favourite and I could not travel without it. It provides up-to-date exchange rates for over 160 currencies. It can be used offline too.


2. WhatsApp


This app is the communication life-line for travellers. It allows you to message, phone and video call free. You can also send photos and documents.


3. Trip Advisor

I hesitate to add this to my list as you can now pay to promote. This should be taken into consideration when looking at the rankings. I use this app as a starting point  to research things to do in each destination. 



4. Skyscanner

I use this app to research flights. I then book with my travel agent or direct with the airline. 

5. Flightaware

This app allows you to track your flight to ensure it is on time. It's handy and allows you to prepare ahead for potential delays.


6. Google Translate

To be honest, I rarely need this app much but it's a handy one to have. It allows you to translate text, handwriting and speech of more than 100 languages. 

These are a few of my favourite apps. I hope they help when you next travel. Pin this on your Pinterest travel board!

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Who are our tours for?

by Nicole Farrell

We are a small Australian, female owned company that attracts guests from all over the world. Travel is about connecting with people from other countries and cultures and we do this on tour with the friends we make and in the country through experiences.

We welcome travellers who have an open mind, go with the flow attitude and willingness to experience new things. There is no age bracket but we generally attract women over 50. We welcome husbands and partners as well as solo travellers. As a solo traveller,  enjoy the company of like-minded ladies and feel safe and relaxed knowing everything is taken care of. We offer a single supplement if you'd prefer a room on your own, or we can help connect you with other ladies travelling solo and you can discuss sharing a room.

Anne and Judy travelling like locals in India. Most of our tour is done in a private bus but you can't travel to India and not experience a tuk-tuk! We have a team of trusted drivers who will take care of you.


Our small groups allow for flexibility and spontaneity. One of the unique experiences on our recent Royal Rajasthan tour was a behind the scenes glimpse at a Bollywood movie set in Mandawa. The lead actor was staying in our havelli so we were able to meet him and get photos!


We love a spontaneous stop such as feeding cows in India or meeting a family on their farm in the Thar desert of Rajasthan.


On our walking tour of Jaipur, the pink city, we were warmly welcomed into a saree shop encouraged to try a saree with no pressure to purchase. The hospitality of India is incredible and this was a memorable, fun experience.

 Mandawa is off the tourist trail and is one of my favourite stops on our Royal Rajasthan tour. Mandawa was on the silk road and wealthy merchants build extravagant mansions (havelis) with amazing hand-painted frescos. Here our group can be seen in the courtyard of the haveli.  

We like to shop in markets and meet locals like this friendly father and son duo. The shopping in Marrakesh can be overwhelming at first but we'll be with you to advise how to bargain. (8 years living in Asia means I have fine tuned my negotiating skills!)

When in India, you'll often be asked for photos and selfies. It's part of the experience and a great way to chat to locals who are often exploring their country.

If these experiences appeal to you, contact Nicole to discuss a tour. Make 2020 a year for travel memories!

My Ayuvedic Experience in Kerela, India

by Nicole Farrell

I've travelled to Kerela before so I had heard of Ayuvedic treatment and even had a couple of massages. Earlier this year I decided to focus on my health and book 28 days of treatment. I googled, read reviews and asked for personal recommendations. I booked a resort at the recommendation of an Ayuvedic doctor in Sydney. Unfortunately it was not of a good standard and I moved to Mekosha and stayed for a further 14 days.


Mekosha is set in small village away from the hustle and bustle of Indian life. The gardens, river and pool make the setting ideal for rest and relaxation. There are 11 rooms and each has a massage table and balcony. 




 The meals at Mekosha were delicious. I now like most Indian breakfasts (although not as much as Vegemite on toast!) There was indoor and outdoor dining and the tables were communal so it was a great way to get to know guests from all over the world. Making life long friends at Mekosha was one of the highlights.




 The chef and staff encouraged guests to visit the open kitchen and learn to cook our favourite meals. 


Treatments are individualised for each person. I usually had 3 treatments a day, lasting about 2 hours in total. 


This is the steam bath. It was a bizarre experience (luckily I don't get claustrophobic!)


These are some of the treatment. The pouches are filled with herbs and used in conjunction with a massage. The power is rubbed on the body in a massage also.

 Mekosha can arrange afternoon outings and this was great opportunity to visit local shops and the markets. 



 After 14 days at Mekosha I am well on my way to my fitness and weight goals. I've been home for 10 days and am not tempted by sugar and junk food. This is a major step in the right direction for me!


 I visited more than 7 resorts in and around Trivandrum and in my opinion, nothing compares to Mekosha. The staff are happy and genuinely want the best for you. The setting, quality of treatments and positive atmosphere are second to none. Use the code NICOLEATMEKOSHA and you'll get a discount on your booking. If you have any questions, please get in touch. I am happy to chat about my experiences.